Jens Carlén Web, Mobile & Desktop development

  • Hi there! Welcome to my page. My name is Jens and I'm a freelance developer based in Stockholm, Sweden.

    What I do

    • HTML/CSS
      I develop dynamic web sites using standards as HTML, CSS and Javascript. These sites most often use techniques such as XML, JSON, HAML & SASS
    • Flex/Flash
      RIA development with Actionscript, mxml or just Flash.
    • iPhone/iPad
      iOS development both using Titanium Appcelerator and native Objective-C
    • Java
      Web development with Spring, Hibernate, EJB, JSP & Wicket. Desktop development with Swing. Deployment with Maven & Ant.
    • Javascript
      I prefer to develop javascript with the wonderful jQuery library. However I aslo found Prototype and Mootools useful and nice to work with.
    • Linux/Unix
      My deployment environment of choice is Ubuntu Linux. I've also used other linux distribution such as Cent OS. When it comes to web servers I prefer nginx, even though Apache Httpd can have it's benifits.
    • PHP
      Web development with the standard LAMP-stack. I also been customizing Wordpress, including developing plugins.
    • Python
      Desktop development under Windows using Tkinter. Web development with Django.
    • Ruby (on Rails)
      Web development with Rails, Padriono & Sinatra. Deployment with Passenger (or Mongrel or Thin) and nginx or Apache Httpd. BDD with Rspec & Cucumber or plain TDD with TestUnit
    • SQL
      Database design. Experience with MySQL, PostgreSQL & SQLite.
  • What I did

    • Forskningsstudier

      Forskningstudier is a Ruby on Rails web site developed to conduct polls for scientific research.

    • Gideon

      Gideon is a platform for processing news articles. Its mainly written in Java, using technologies such as Spring, Swing and Tomcat. The project also involved a great deal of user studies.

    • Soundcloud

      Soundcloud is a sound sharing platform developed by sound & music loving engineers in Berlin, Germany. The platform is mainly build using Ruby on Rails. I was one of the main developers in the original team. My main responsibility came to be javascript development with the jQuery framework

    • Shortpath

      Shortpath is the backend system for Maze Media Group. It is build using Python and the web framework Django.

    • Searchuz

      Searchuz was a targeted search marketing platform built in PHP used by partners of Maze Media Group.

    • uTales

      uTales is a self publishing platform for child books. The techniques used are Ruby on Rails, Flex and Appcelerator Titanium for the iPhone & iPad apps. My role was CTO and lead developer.


    Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)
    Master of Science in Media Technology
    • Fields: Sound & Computer Science
    • Master Thesis: 'Test Driven Javascript Development For Web Applications'